What is Art to You ?

What is Art?

Whether a small child or an adult, we all have a relationship with art, whether through impulsive scribbles, telephone doodles, choosing colours to decorate the living room or deciding on that special vase in which to arrange a gift of flowers.

Art is a part of all of our Lives.

There is a common thread in many a conversations I have had with friends and even complete strangers when talking about Art.

The thread is 'I wish' I took the chance to be more creative, learn to draw or paint, make art.

Art can be many things-

A way of working through our feelings.

A form of self-expression.

A way to communicate different ways we see the world.

A means by which we can go beyond the mundane, take you to a different part of yourself.

Art the word itself does it inhibit or prevent us creating. 

Should we ignore the word and concentrate on the absorbing nature of the process. Let go of our inhibitions.

Explore different ways of connecting with our natural instinct to create something new.

Tailor - Made Art Classes Available for All Ages


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